Advanced Nutrition Workshop

Increase your knowledge on how to assist clients with their fitness goals. 80% of changing the way your clients look and feel will come from the way they eat.

Body Design University


This workshop is packed full of Advanced Nutritional information designed to help participants learn how to personally achieve, and teach others how to reach their fat loss or muscle gain goals. 

From understanding macronutrients and energy production pathways, this workshop will get you excited about eating for success!



Learn the Essentials of Nutrition!

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Appropriate for people with all different educational backgrounds and experiences. Most students are personal trainers who are looking to expand their knowledge base and stay current in a competitive marketplace! 


Read what other students are saying about this workshop!

I was exposed to a more practically applicable approach to nutrition that’s based in science.” – Michael Clark

I learned how to customize a meal plan accurately using different body weights and body fat percentages and that will help me get my clients the best possible results.” – Laura Mann

Great info – always love learning and the people at BDU.” – Anna McBride

This workshop definitely increased my knowledge to help the clients I plan to serve. I learned so many new things, AWESOME!” – Tiffany Kelly

Great explanations. I can’t wait to use it.” – Chase Leonard

Practical. Doable meal planning concepts. Good macro/micro – nutrient review.” – Debbie Croxton

Great whole food nutrition info, learned a lot today!” – Dr. Gayla Gates

Learned a lot and really enjoyed it. Great experience.” – Shelby Boyd


Become an Industry Leading Personal Trainer!

  • Personal Trainer Course: 2 Week Live + Online