Independent Trainer Success

Fitpreneur or Entrepreneur, Begin with The End in Mind, Building Relationships, You Attract what you Market, Understanding your Strengths

Body Design University


Trainers will walk away with a greater knowledge of what is needed to start an independent personal training business.

Training and transformations are only pieces of the business. Maintaining a business and staying passionate about the business are the true keys to success. 

You will learn early in the workshop that owning a business is more than being a trainer, you are working entrepreneur!




Read what other students are saying!

Great explanations. I can’t wait to use it.” – Chase Leonard

Relevant and has helped me narrow it down to my target audience.” – Antonio Dorsey

The workshop was very well organized and better than I expected!” – Arturo Gonzalez

Got all the information I needed plus more.” – Jonathan Gramby

Learned a lot and really enjoyed it. Great experience.” – Shelby Boyd

This workshop definitely increased my knowledge to help the clients I plan to serve. I learned so many new things, AWESOME!” – Tiffany Kelly

The workshop was excellent and more than I expected. So glad I made the drive!” – Kelly Gay

Relevant principles that are applicable to my current state of business.” – Tracey Paulfrey

This workshop is informative and very hands-on.” – Franika Stradford