Meal Preparation Workshop

Learn the "how's" and "why's" of weekly meal prepping to help you and your clients stay on track with nutrition.

Body Design University


Meal prep is one of the most effective strategies for ensuring that the nutritional component of a health and wellness based lifestyle is properly maintained.  

Learn how to "Keep it Simple" by using all the right tools and understanding why consistency in meal planning is the key to accomplishing fat loss and muscle gain goals. 

  • Equipment Needed
  • How to Shop
  • Macro-nutrient Science
  • Putting it all Together
  • Cooking Tips
  • Recipes

Read what other students are saying about this workshop!

"I was exposed to a more practically applicable approach to nutrition that's based on science." - Michael Clark

"I learned a lot about macro/micronutrients; meal prep and nutrition in general that will help get my clients the best results." - Crystal Dozier

"Great whole food nutrition info, learned a lot today!" - Dr. Gayla Gates

"Practical. Doable meal planning concepts. Good macro/micro - nutrient review." - Debbie Croxton

"Doug is awesome at explaining with details and very precise. Very effective.” – La’Dell Richmond

"Very good content and informative." - Louis Lee