Men's Physique Competition Workshop

Learn the skills necessary to compete in a Men's Physique Competitiion.  From proper nutrition and training to attire and effective posing.

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Today's Men's Physique Competition's are highly competitive and require a substantial amount of preparation.  Understanding pre-contest dieting, posing skills and overall "presentation" packaging are critical to looking your best on stage.  This workshop is designed to gear participants in the right direction to accomplish this. 


How to properly prepare and plan is everything to your competition! Learn to develop a realistic plan and identify the steps involved needed to reachyour goals. We will cover all the necessities for proper posing and nutrition.

This workshop is taught by Steve and Rachel Payne of House of Payne. In the past 3 years, House of Payne Personal Training has helped produced 8 IFBB Pro's! Open workshop anyone can attend!

Steve Payne:

  • CFO & Co-owns House of Payne Personal Training
  • NPC & IFBB Expeditor & Head Expeditor for State of Georgia

Rachel Payne:

  • CEO & Co-owner House of Payne Personal Training
  • Publisher, Southern Muscle Guide


Read what other students are saying!

"I've learned that posing is harder than it looks. Prep-time will take some time." - Lee Speights

"Provided all the necessary tools for the competition." - Hong Wang

"I wasn’t expecting to be so involved in the class and get so much valuable information." - Joshua Gibson

"Very good content and informative." - Louis Lee

Very informative, very in depth.” – James Dillan Heath

"I always enjoy the workshops.” – Jonathan Straham

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