Social Media Hacks Workshop

Learn how to effectively work within the social media marketing world to increase lead generation and establish your "brand".

Body Design University


Understand how to implement social media hacks! This workshop will dive into creating an impactful presence on social media to drive your business goals. 

This is an open workshop suitable for all personal trainer experience levels!

Taught by Umama Kibria

Umama Kibria, CEO of SASS Brands, specializes in social media and event marketing Her passion for health & fitness allowed her to connect with industry professionals to empower their brands through social media.

She utilizes her personal fitness platform to connect with over 115 thousand people globally. Her focus is on building community online and in person with her events company Sweat With ATL. Outside of Atlanta, she empowers women through strength with her app “SASS Guide.” With the success of her own platform, she now focuses on building health/fitness brands with the goal of utilizing social media for growth.

With over 8 years of professional marketing experience, Umama is now working with health/industry professionals to empower their brands to make an impact on communities.


Read what other students are saying!

Great explanations. I can’t wait to use it.” – Chase Leonard

Relevant and has helped me narrow it down to my target audience.” – Antonio Dorsey

The workshop was very well organized and better than I expected!” – Arturo Gonzalez

Got all the information I needed plus more.” – Jonathan Gramby

Learned a lot and really enjoyed it. Great experience.” – Shelby Boyd

This workshop definitely increased my knowledge to help the clients I plan to serve. I learned so many new things, AWESOME!” – Tiffany Kelly

The workshop was excellent and more than I expected. So glad I made the drive to attend it!” – Kelly Gay

Relevant principles that are applicable to my current state of business.” – Tracey Paulfrey

This workshop is informative and very hands-on.” – Franika Stradford

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